Ruth Chidebere

    Linda Ember Zaki

    Linda Ember Zaki is a Graduate Architect from the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University Zaria and a food enterpreneur, possessing software skills in Autodesk (AutoCAD, Revit, Google sketch up etc) and excellent culinary skills. She is an excellent team player with great leadership qualities, business and communication skills. An indigene of Benue State, she speaks Tiv, Hausa and English fluently.

    Linda is the CEO of Lynds Lounge, a healthy food outlet that combines healthy eating, inclusive customer activities and entertainment. The services at Lynds Lounge include fruit juice, smoothies, roast (plantain, yam, pear etc), food drinks (kunu, zobo, soya milk, kunun aya) and over 30 other healthyfood recipe. As well as game nights, Karioke, holiday specials, gym club, health seminars etc.

    In 2020, Lynds Lounge will leverage on technology to scale from a small scale healthy food vendors in Benue State to own a healthy food restaurant which will serve corporate clients in Benue and FCT Abuja. 

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