Ruth Chidebere

    Ajia Zakariyau Omobolade

    My name is Ajia Zakariyau Omobolade, A graduate of Crop Protection from the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta. I am 26years old and I am from Ogun state. 

    I am the founder of Zakky Farms, An integrated farm that seeks to take advantage of the symbiotic relationship that exists between it's chosen cash crop(cashew) and Apiculture (bee keeping) through the use of the modern bee house(Flowhive) in other to maximize profit and play it's role in climate change as well as preserve the bee species (which are beneficial insects and accounts for 70% of world crop pollination) which is facing the threat of Extinction.

    I am also a co-founder of instafroot, a ready to use fruit powder that comes with no additives or preservatives specially made to enhance healthy living and drastically reduce fruits wastage due to it's short shelf life and lack of proper storage facilities"

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