Ruth Chidebere

    Destiny O Agbanimu

    He is a research Physicist, dedicated and result-oriented Innovation specialist and Project Manager with a strong background in Information Technology and Business Development. Experienced in researching business strategies, translating strategies to programs and procedures.

    He is a co-founder of Foster Insight, an initiative that helps to promote quality learning and enhance the achievement of SDG4, Quality Education at the grassroots level, which has adopted a learning approach to reduce the number of children out of schools. He is able to juggle several tasks concurrently while always meeting all requirement and deadlines. Excellent communicator who demonstrates effective interpersonal and organizational skills to establish and maintain professional ties with clients and colleagues. Known for displaying high ethical standard, integrity and confidentiality while always exceeding expectations. Destiny is an advisor to Young Innovation Leaders Fellowship (YILF) Lagos, YIL Fellowship is an intensive program designed to effectively train and mentor talented young professionals on how to inspire and lead innovation in their spheres. In this

    Four-month intensive program, participants are trained on how to create solutions to local and global challenges. Participants receive expert supervision for their projects from mentors recruited from around the world. As an Advisor, he has evangelize, provide knowledge, advice, support, linkages, and opportunities for the Fellowship, he has also helped to develop and pilot the already portfolio of innovations designed by fellows, build partnerships with five international organizations whose core mandates fall into innovations for SDGs and youth development.

    He works with an international development-consulting firm, Mothergold Limited as a Business Development consultant where he mostly carries out research on developmental problems as well as innovating on creating a sustainable solution towards solving global challenges focused on the Sustainable Development Goals. He has developed a monitoring and evaluation tool that helps in monitoring project performance and evaluation of social impact.

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