Ruth Chidebere

    Blessing Oloyo

    Blessing Oloyo is the Founder and Head of Operations at Motale Foods.

    Motale Foods was founded as a gateway to promote healthy lifestyle and tackle the high rate of malnutrition to the nearest 10% in Africa with our primary product PAP/AKAMU/ OGI/ Corn gruel.

    Motale Elekogbajumo is an indigenous brand of Motale Foods rebranding our staple food "eko elewe" Agidi and processing wholesome Nourishing Pap for both kids and Adults.

    We currently have 6 variety of Pap and two majorly to fight the common maternal deficiencies with essential vitamins and minerals that mothers maybe lacking in a convenient and quick way with our "Nourishing lactation products" 

    In our contribution to SDG 3, Our newly added variety "Wholesome babies products will reduce the risk of anaemia and malnutrition ravaging children under the age of 6.

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